You can see her tongue run over her teeth, lips tight as she stares you stem to stern. "Hm," she says after a heavy pause, "What is it you want?"

  • Particular.

  • Churlish.

  • Painfully Ishgardian.

  • Rosy complexion.

  • Delicate.

Mdme. Egrine Mhakaracca

❝ Conservatively dressed and thin, she is never without the large lenses upon her nose; nor, it seems the quite mutter under her breath. Dull, yellow eyes amidst a furrowed brow her appearance is neat and austere and to the average outsider, she may strike something of an imposing figure.The image disintegrates upon scrutiny. The seams of her gloves, threadbare, worn from the near-constant fidgeting. She seems uncomfortable in her skin, slouching, or fiddling with nothing when she thinks she is unobserved. A churlish little woman of middling age sporting a frown; her ire pointed outwards as a spear.Madame Mhakaracca is of Ishgardian manner and appearance. But, no matter the years have gone by nor the lessons learned still sits the awkward Coerthan native, ever out of place amongst her peers. ❞


  • THE CANTO | Once an old opera house in the Mists, now a life to and music both fill the halls.

  • A STAGE, THE STAGE | Warm lights, warmer faces. A voice clear and crisp as the Ishgardian air.

  • FANCY A SMOKE? | She hesitates, clearly she would like one So Very Badly. But she persists...

  • LADY CUSTOMSBANE | An utter nightmare to deal with professionally. And she always gets her way.

  • FOR THE SKY | Like follows Like. Cold people far from home will seek the warmth of familiarity.


  • AMONGST THE RABBLE | Why is it that every person she seems to surround herself with a liar, a thief, a cheat, and outcast or a combination there of? Just where do these people keep coming from?

  • THE MHAKARACCAS | "Just how much is it that you know about what your wife used to get up to?" Newlywedded bliss is one thing. Old Friends are another. An Ishgardian with a Keeper's clan title...curious.

  • THE ROOK | Yes, you see that signet ring. Only a scion of Dzemael would be so neutronic about avoiding any chance of poisoning. Maybe it's just a precaution...maybe it's just history.

  • THE FRIENDS OF MR. FUGORIER | What a nasty man. What secrets did he leave behind with that quiet widow of his? More importantly, where did all that money go? To the widow, or the mistress?

  • SICKNESS OF THE BLOOD | Right as rain? Is that true? Madame your nose is bleeding again...The more unusual the cure, the more desperate she is to try it. She'll try anything at this point. Discretion, above all else.

  • IN A LITTLE GLASS BOTTLE | Maybe it was a dream, you saw her, several ilms shorter and sporting a tail. Once might be a dream, twice even an accident...but I think you might have a little problem Mrs. Mhakaracca; I think you enjoy the transformation more than you let on.

I am always open to making new connections and encourage new ideas.
If you don't quite see a hook that interests you, I'm open to discussion.

  • Also known asβ€” Mdme. Fugorier, or Lady Egrine. The Talley Queen.

  • Residenceβ€” Bel Canto Winery, Mist.

Mdme Egrine will engage...

  • Potential business contacts.

  • Other ex-pats.

  • Fellow or budding performers.

  • You, out of politeness. Maybe.

Mdme Egrine may try to avoid...

  • Ishgardian Nobility.

  • Children, or mention of them.

  • Criminal activity.

  • Physical altercations.

Mdme Egrine can be found near...

  • The Allied Citystates.

  • The docks, sky or sea.

  • Customs houses.

  • Loud, lively venues.


  • β™₯ β€” ROMANTIC

  • β™‘ β€” FLIRTATIOUS

  • β—† β€” FAMILIAL

  • β˜… β€” SOCIABLE

  • ♣ β€” TRUSTED

  • β™  β€” HOSTILE

  • β–  β€” PROFESSIONAL

  • RHAYA MHAKARACCA β€” β™₯ β—† ♣ | Wife & Business partner. Above all else, a gift she would not trade for anything; despite it all.

  • NICO'TO TAATALIR β€” β—† β˜… ♣ β–  | Secretly, she like that he calls her 'Mum'. She will never tell him.

  • ❝ SIF ❞ β€” β˜… ♣ | More or less partners-in-crime, drinking buddies and compatriots. Familiar threads.

  • SEVERINE SAUVAGEOT β€” β™‘ β˜… ♣ | For whom anything could be asked for or of and given with a smile and pat of an arm.

  • BREANDAN DUCAILLE β€” β—† β˜… | a taciturn 'cousin' from a cold city...chatterboxes, both of them.

  • OTOLIN STONE β€” ♣ β–  | All the comfort of having a wall at your back. Coincidentally, also like talking to one.

  • YELLOW ROSE β€” ♣ β–  | Never doubt a good luck charm. Great things come in very, very large packages.

  • JACOB ASHWOODE β€” β™‘ β˜… β–  | Why oh why that poor 'poolboy' puts up with her, she will never know. Best not squander opportunity.

  • ❝ DUG ❞ β€” β˜… | You'd think they didn't like each other. π‘‘π‘œ π‘¦π‘œπ‘’ π‘šπ‘’π‘Žπ‘›β€” 𝑇𝐻𝐸 𝑆𝐻𝑂𝑅𝑇𝐸𝑆𝑇 𝑀𝐴𝑁 𝐼𝑁 𝐸𝑂𝑅𝑍𝐸𝐴?

  • RYTHAS BRENELLE β€” β—† β˜… | Two halves of the same idiot. Ol' Bat Ears.

  • VALENTINE LILIVERNE β€” β™‘ β˜… ♣ | Keeper of some very strange secrets indeed.

  • Other Ishgardians

  • Rivals or Business contacts

  • Lore-compliant/Lore-abiding headcanon

  • Long-term/Campaign-style RP

  • Performance RP/fellow performers

  • Adventure and Slice of Life scenes

  • Pre-established relationships

  • Injury/lasting damage to my character

  • Sensitive topics (trauma, abuse, etc.)

  • Dark/Mature elements

  • Lore-bending headcanon

  • Canon characters/Canon WoLs

  • F#ta/Tr#p/F+ β€” i have no interest in interacting with anyone that uses fetish terms oft used to degrade trans women.

  • 2nd person pov.

  • lore from other series.

  • noncon or sexual violence.

  • harm to children.

Please understand I do not wish to interact with muns under the age of 18.𝘐 π˜ˆπ˜” π˜π˜• π˜Šπ˜šπ˜› β€” and I am available most evenings!π˜˜π˜œπ˜ˆπ˜“π˜π˜›π˜  > π˜˜π˜œπ˜ˆπ˜•π˜›π˜π˜›π˜  β€” my posting style will wildly fluctuate. Please do not feel obligated to mirror. I want what feels right for you.𝘐 π˜”π˜–π˜šπ˜›π˜“π˜  π˜™π˜— π˜–π˜• π˜žπ˜Œπ˜Œπ˜’π˜‹π˜ˆπ˜ π˜š β€” weekends can be hard for me to pin down or give availability to but with enough time anything's possible!π˜‹π˜π˜šπ˜Šπ˜–π˜™π˜‹ β€” typically, I do not just hand this out; but I do use it primarily to communicate. If we hit it off I don't mind sharing it.

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